When choosing to work with the birth and more team we can support you in a variety of different ways.

how can we support you?


birth support.

A birth doula is someone who provides informational, emotional, and physical support to expecting women and their partners throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the immediate period after birth. Throughout your pregnancy, I support you by providing information on different options to discuss with your care provider and helping sort through emotions of pregnancy and any news you may receive. I  keep you focused and as comfortable as possible during labor and delivery, assist with newborn questions, and provide breastfeeding support.

Our team is proudly welcomed into the following facilities

  • St John Moross

  • Grosse Pointe Beaumont

  • Troy/Royal Oak Beaumont and Karmanos Natural Birthing Center (KNBC)

  • Southfield Providence and Alternative Birthing Center (ABC)

  • University of Michigan (U of M)

  • Henry Ford West Bloomfield and Henry Ford Macomb

postpartum support.

A Postpartum Doula is someone who is there to help you with the transition home after having a baby. we can teach you basic newborn care, help you with basic household cleaning, allow you to shower or nap,  and also help with light meal prep. 

Each day, your needs will be different. we come in, quickly assess what you need help with that day, and get to it! 

our team is even available for overnights! Need a full night's sleep to catch up? we will room-share with your baby, give the baby a bottle/bring the baby to you to nurse, change diapers as needed, and do the nightly soothing routines so you can get the rest you NEED!

lets face it

whether you are a first time mom or have the EXPERIENCE there will be an adjustment period and you do not have to try to figure it out alone. we are here to support you.

placenta encapsulation.

this is a service that more and more mothers are taking advantage of due to all of the potential benefits.

It is believed that consuming the placenta can:

  • Help to balance your hormones

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Increase milk production

  • Replenish depleted iron levels

  • Assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state

  • Reduce post-natal bleeding 

  • Make for a happier, more enjoyable post-natal period

placenta encapsulation is when the placenta is dehydrated and put into capsules to provide an all natural postpartum supplement for new moms.

There are two methods of processing that I offer, Gentle (aka Traditional Chinese Medicine method), and Potent (aka "Raw" method) 

 The Gentle method follows Eastern medicine which believes that postpartum woman should not be exposed to cold energies because it can inhibit healing. It is believed that the placenta carries a cold energy, so when you steam it warm energy is introduced to it and is better for promoting healing. After steaming the placenta, it is then dehydrated and encapsulated. This method produces less capsules that are more gentle, which makes them a great option for those sentive to caffeine or those who's anxiety is triggered by stimulants.

 The Potent method follows the belief that cooking breaks down nutrients. For example, a microwave breaks down nutrients more than boiling does, and boiling breaks down nutrients more than steaming does, and raw is the most pure version of our food's nutrients. With this method the placenta is not steamed and immediately dehydrated then encapsulated. This method creates more capsules that can have a much more potent effect on women and are a great option for those looking for more energy or have a history of depression. 

lactation support.

we have a certified lactation COUNSELOR on our team to help support you with any breastfeeding issues or concerns that arise.